Week 19: Keeping busy

17th May 2020

This was the week between jobs. I’d had my last day at the FT last week, and on Monday I start my new job with Breakroom. So without work, and with lockdown still in force (though turning more into ‘lockdown lite’ for the end of the week) I had a week to entertain myself without really leaving the flat.

Last week I mentioned the number of birds that live in and around our garden. This week the baby sparrows who live above the back door were obviously growing up up as their lungs were getting VERY loud. Like keeping us awake loud. Though as I found out on Friday, that’s because they were big enough to be kicked out of the nest. One of them upon leaving the nest wasn’t quite able to fly though, and spent the next number of hours desperately trying to get enough height to make it over our garden fence. I’m assuming it finally worked it out because it’s gone now. With those chicks gone though, the noises have significantly reduced… Presumably until the next eggs hatch and we start all over again.

Something I wanted to get done during my time between jobs was fixing up my bikes. Both of them had things wrong with them that made me not want to ride them, so the aim of the week was to have two functioning bikes again. One of the things that needed doing was changing a headset, something I’d never done before. It turns out though, at least on the bike that I needed to do, it was relatively straightforward. Unscrewing the stem bolts, taking all of the other bits that were just held with friction out, cleaning everything and putting it back together with the new headset instead of the old one. Why is it some jobs that you put off for ages as they are scary turn out to be super straightforward when you actually start them?

This week I did a another job I’d been contemplating for a while, deleting all my old tweets. But I already posted about that so I won’t cover that again.

I really enjoyed this post by Tekin, about how long is too long for a PR. It’s nice that someone tried to put some science behind it.

This weekend in preparation for using a new machine, and due to the default shell on macOS changed in Catalina from bash to zsh, I rewrote some helper scripts I keep around. The zsh auto completion docs it turns out though, are somewhat impenetrable and left me with more questions than solutions. Not quite the confidence boost I’d have wanted the day before I start a new job. I do know how to computer honest.