Week 20: Shoe size

25th May 2020

This week had a number of good things:

  1. I started my new job, all of my colleagues are lovely, so nice I let them all come round to hang out on my sofa for a drink on Friday afternoon.
  2. I shipped to production 8 times this week, and only one of them broke the site. I’m glad I’ve got breaking production achieved in my first week, it will take the pressure off later.
  3. I got up early on Thursday and went for a bike ride. The roads were empty, the sun was shining and I saw lots of little lambs. I’m going to try and do this more regularly. It made my heart happy and allowed me to escape the lockdown reality for a short bit.
  4. We managed to BBQ twice after work. I’m super fortunate to have a garden at the moment, so being able to make use of it is great.
  5. I managed to see some family, while keeping a safe distance. I wish everyone was able to do this, again I’m super fortunate.
  6. It turns out Alice knows my shoe size and this makes me inordinately happy.

There is also great sadness around though. Not being able to give people support and company is rough. The number of people I know who have now lost someone during lockdown is increasing. I have a lot of hugs I want to give out when we’re allowed again, and I know I’m not alone with that. The emotional toll of physical distancing should never be underrated.

The current government is making me increasingly sad and angry. They don’t seem to want to be on the same team as the rest of the general public. I have no other words to say about that at the moment.