Week 23: Cycling

15th June 2020

Some good things from this week:

  1. I went on my longest bike ride since March 2016. I’ve been building my distance up again over the past couple of weeks and it feels really good to be back on the bike for multi hour rides. It’s also mind boggling the number of other cyclists out cycling at the moment. The last 10 years have really seen cycling come from a niche sport on the fringes into something immensely popular. I was always hopeful that the number of cyclists in Central London would ensure car drivers would have to look for us, I didn’t expect the same to happen in the countryside.
  2. I shipped my first big feature at work. I’ve only been in my job for 4 weeks but I’m already shipping big features by myself. Elixir is strangely familiar for a language I’ve never used before. Other than it’s immutability throwing me off a couple of times has been a really easy transition to writing. I’m still not sure I’d pick it over Rails for writing a CRUD app myself, but I can definitely see some of it’s perks.
  3. Food shopping in lockdown has mostly gone completely back to normal. In the Sainsburys I go to they even had 16kg of plain and self raising flour out for people to buy this week. Other than the short queue to get into the store it’s as stocked as it was before lockdown. We’ve managed to get our shopping routine to only needing to go to the store once a fortnight. We get a veg box delivered weekly which helps with that. This really limits our interactions with other people.
  4. We continue to watch Black-ish which we’ve been watching for many weeks now. With 141 episodes, I imagine we will continue to be watching this for a long while yet. It’s funny, well written and a nice antidote to the world.

The world seems otherwise still pretty messed up. We just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and try and move forward.