Week 24: Park days

22nd June 2020

Some good things from this week:

  1. We watched Staged which had me laughing out loud, it doesn’t take much I know but this was good. The premise is two actors being forced to rehearse for a play during lockdown. It perfectly captures the challenges of video conferencing and the mundanity of living through lockdown trying to function. As a bonus the episodes are only 15 - 20 minutes long so you’ve watched the whole season before you realise it’s started.
  2. This weekend we met up with some friends in a park and managed to have a long conversation without just being able to see their head and shoulders. It was nice to pretend for a short bit that life might get back to some kind of normal. It’s also nice to discover new green spaces that I’d not visited before. One of the things that I’m really hopeful for is that people continue to use all the green spaces when this is all over. It’s really nice to see people out and enjoying their neighbourhoods. Though I imagine in reality people will quickly head back to the cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars as soon as they open and the parks will go back to how they were in the before.
  3. Having rediscovered medium length bike rides, and doing a couple a week for the past month, I now feel like my fitness is also now starting to return. I feel able to go out for a couple of hard hours on the bike and come home not feeling like I need to pass out in the corner and not move for a week. Which is making the riding more enjoyable and more appealing. Thankfully the weather also around to facilitate the rides.
  4. We continue to watch Black-ish, this week we watched the episode called “Hope”, the premise being the verdict in a police brutality case is announced and the family discuss what it means for them, and Black people in general. The episode was frighteningly relevant to current affairs. It’s free on Prime video, I’d recommend watching it. It also touches on at what age should you explain to children that racism exists. I don’t think there is one answer for that, but I was also reminded of that question when reading a letter from Lonnie Chavis, a 12 year old holywood star where he talks about his experiences of racism.

    Can you imagine having to explain to a room full of white people why I couldn’t hold back my real tears while experiencing the pain of racism? I can.

    The privilege of being able to grow up and live without understanding the implications of living in a white supremacist society is huge.