Week 25: Ginger Nuts

29th June 2020

Some good things from this week:

  1. On Monday I spent the evening chasing sunsets on my bike. A combination of the extraordinarily long days we’ve got at the moment (thanks Solstice) and everyone being inside at night (thanks Covid), makes for some really enjoyable late evening riding. The roads are mostly deserted, the temperature is mild, and you can easily loose yourself to the gentle noise of nature and your chain running over your gears. I wish evenings like these stuck around for the rest of the year.
  2. The end of the week was officially too hot. It made me long for the air conditioned offices that I usually get to hide in during the summer months.
  3. On Thursday Virgin Media killed my internet connection for most of the day. A very real reminder that I am still working from home and not a real office. The plus sides being I was able to move some flowers from a basket to a bed in the garden while I waited for it to come back up. If we were still in offices we would have almost certainly just used the time for some planing meetings or some other “real work”.
  4. This weekend we were supposed to be at Glastonbury. Instead we went round to a friends house and sat (appropriately spaced) in their garden watching past performances projected onto a wall. It was one of the most normal feeling things we’ve done since the beginning of Lockdown. It also gave us a glimpse into what socialising might look like in the future, which is a poor imitation of the before. No more screaming Wonderwall into each others faces while spilling half your beer over the floor.
  5. Due to an administrative error there are currently two packets of ginger nut biscuits open. Management would like to apologise for this oversight.