Week 26: Pebble beaches

6th July 2020

Some good things from this week:

  1. At the weekend we went down to Deal to spend the day sitting on the beach in the sunshine. It was glorious, there was sun, sea and really uncomfortable pebbles to sit on. I’m still not entirely sure why some beaches get nice soft sand and others only get hard pebbles. Pebble beaches are so painful! Still, Deal itself was lovely, sufficiently off the beaten path that the beach was very quiet, but populated enough there was a toilet and ice cream shop we could visit. Having not really made it out of London since lockdown stared (apart from seeing country lanes on bike rides) it was nice to sit and look out to sea and get lost in the thought that we were anywhere.
  2. I took a couple of days annual leave towards the end of the week so my weekend kept on feeling like Sunday. It was nice to have more time to potter around the flat and switch off from work. I really can see the appeal of those friends who do 4 day weeks normally. I think I’d prefer a 4 day week over a remote only job.
  3. We watched Pump up the volume: A history of House music. It was originally aired in 2001, though apart from some of the outfits of interviewers (I love how you can age most things by peoples wardrobes) it holds up really well. The description of Acid House being invented because they didn’t know how to use a TB-303 and just twisted the nobs a bit, then had to play the first track three times in one night until people worked out they liked it was great. I love the balls of seeing a track not work on the dance floor, but just playing it again and again until people start dancing.
  4. We also watch Disclosure, a documentary looking at how media has trained people to mock, fear, and distrust the trans community. My favourite part had to be clip they show us of a dad describing his trans child as a unicorn, someone special, unique, and precious who should be nurtured and cared for, not shamed or resented. Imagine if that was the message that more media carried, imagine how exciting the world could be. I hope one day the world is accepting of trans people. Fuck the haters.