Week 28: Concurrency

20th July 2020

Some things from this week:

  1. We watched I May Destroy You this week. I had absolutely no idea what it was about when we started. It took me 3 episodes before I worked out what was going on, but I was hooked from shortly after we started the first episode. It turns out I May Destroy You used the same Intimacy Co-ordinator as Sex Education and Normal People, which makes sense as the sex scenes in each of them are really well done.
  2. I woke up at 3am on Saturday morning with my brain very actively thinking about the concurrency model, and database pool implementation differences between Phoenix (and Elixir) and Rails (and Ruby). This is probably my own fault as one of the last things I did at work on Friday before logging off was get half way through investigating why our database looks to be going slow in AppSignal (our APM) but that isn’t reflected in our postgresql slow query logs. Turns out my brain was on to something though as AppSignal does combine queue time and execution time into a single duration. Thanks brain, not sure 3am was the right time to crack that nut though.
  3. I cycled around London on Saturday, it’s exciting to see the amount of permanent looking cycling infrastructure going in. I just hope that they also get the signage right. I know I personally avoid lots of cycle paths because I don’t want to get accidentally taken somewhere with no way to get back onto the route I started on.

That’s probably it for this week. As predicted, not much happened. Who knows what exciting adventures the next week of not leaving the flat will bring us.