Week 31

10th August 2020

Some good things from this week:

  1. Our kitchen scales had been playing up recently. They are pretty basic two button operation scales. One button turns on, off, and resets the zero offset, the other changes the units used. The on/off button has been intermittently not working for a number of months now. Last week though the button stopped working completely. In normal circumstances this could have been fixed by jumping onto Amazon and replacing them with some equally cheap scales. With nowhere to go and a soldering iron to hand though, I decided to take them apart and pretend I knew what I was doing. Turns out something had corroded one of the 4 pins on the button. Scraping it clean with a blade and applying some fresh solder and it’s as good as new again. The scales will live to see another day!
  2. I’m not sure I’m quite prepared for a heatwave while I’m not allowed back to a nicely air conditioned office. More often than not I spend the 28ºC+ days hidden away inside a perfectly regulated 22ºC office. I’m not going to get that luxury working from home.
  3. Our garden vegetable patch has produced a broccoli. I’ve never seen one grow before, they are always just things you get from the shops. It turns out they just grow like a really long stalked broccoli straight out of the floor. I’m pretty happy with the vegetables we’ve been growing. Even if the cucumbers don’t really resemble shop bought ones (they look like someones squished all the insides down to one end like a water balloon) it’s magical that given some water it all just grows.
  4. The world is starting to get back to normal and I’m ready for this. It’s yet to be proved if just good hygiene (people actually washing their hands), not overcrowding everything, and some simple face coverings can defeat a global pandemic. But it would be pretty awesome if that was all it took.