Week 33: Camping

24th August 2020

This week, for the first time since before lockdown started, I spent a night not in my bed! We went camping for the weekend to a lovely little campsite just outside of Hastings. We were there with some friends, and spent two days almost able to pretend we were in the before. One of the benefits of camping is it’s very easy to maintain proper distance from others while still hanging out for multiple days. I’ve always enjoyed camping, and have enough equipment to make it a very comfortable experience, add in the ability to finally spend more than a couple of hours with friends and it was magical.

One of the highlights of the weekend was getting to lay back in the dark and look up at the stars. Due to there being a new moon, and being sufficiently far enough away from any town or city, there were sooooooo many stars. It’s a shame there is so much light pollution in London you don’t get to properly enjoy it.

On Saturday we went on a walk from the campsite and managed to get ourselves chased out of a field by some overly friendly donkeys and horses. While I’m sure they were just coming to say hello, as I’m sure I would if someone walked into my home. Having them all running at us at speed was really very intimidating.