Week 35: I've not got it

7th September 2020

This week we had our first COVID test as part of the ONS Infection Survey. A very nice person came round to give us a swab each. It turns out swabbing the back of your throat (“they” say: if you’re not gagging it’s not far back enough) is as bad as they say. I could definitely feel a phantom swab for much of the rest of the day. But it let them test to see if we’ve got it. Given that we’ve heard nothing back, the assumption is that we’re all clear for the moment.

This came about because our address we were randomly selected in a lottery. We’re now signed up for random testing for up to the next 12 months. This lets them monitor how it’s moving in the community, and lets us periodically know for sure if we’ve got it or not.

It certainly made me feel slightly better at the weekend when I was catching up with family that I knew, given I’d not seen anyone since the test, that I was there was very little chance of me passing it on.

I imagine one potential future, assuming there isn’t a antidote forthcoming, is regular testing will become part of every day life. Much the same way as we clean our teeth, just do a cheeky little test, make sure you’re still clear. Perhaps my gag reflex might desensitize.