Week 37: Autumn

21st September 2020

It seems like summer is almost over, the evenings are getting much cooler and the sun is setting much earlier. This is making meeting friends in parks after work increasingly challenging. You can either either read that as challenging to see because it’s dark, or challenging to see anyone for any length because I’ve got to leave earlier because some parks shut at dusk.

Despite this I managed to check out both Regents Park and Hyde Park this week. Hyde Park was a particular delight as I can’t actually remember spending any time in the park in the past. It turns out there is a lovely part just east of The Long Water which closer resembles an overgrown meadow to the over manicured picture of a Central London park. It was lovely and very peaceful.

Not much else to report this week. The pandemic seems to be getting worse and for some reason Boris said (and I paraphrase) “we saw the second wave starting in Europe, so us getting one was inevitable”. This seems completely backwards logic to me. If we hadn’t been through this before and know how to suppress the virus, then sure it would be inevitable. But this isn’t the first time. We know exactly which actions we can take to reduce the spread. Ugh. In the immortal words of the renowned philosopher Craig Ashley David “I’m walking away, From the troubles in my life, I’m walking away, Oh to find a better day”.