Week 38: Soldering on

28th September 2020

I spent lots of this week creating some new lighting for our kitchen counter. The lights that came with the kitchen had always been a bit naff, they never really illuminated the useful parts, and their wiring was questionable with bare sections protected by layers of electrical tape.

I’ve now replaced all of that with a proper plug socket and a Phillips Hue Lightstrip. There was a bit of a challenge as the Lightstrip only comes in 2 meter runs and my kitchen has corners and a cooker in it. So cutting it into bits and soldering Cat-5 cable as joins allows the strip to go around corners and jump over the cooker as needed. I’m super happy with how the soldered joints all came out.

I found focusing at work this week increasingly hard. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that we’re now acknowledging the pandemic will last at least another 6 months or something else. But there was definitely something. One of the differences of working for a medium to large company is when you have weeks like this it’s super easy to hide in the team, or find different people to walk around and chat with about nothing and consume loads of time. Working for a 7 person company it feels like it’s much more obvious on days I’m not really achieving anything.

Hopefully next week will be more productive at work. Even if it isn’t, at least I can see clearly when cooking dinner now.