Week 39: Frisbee loaf

5th October 2020

After banishing the coat stand to the cupboard under the stairs at the beginning of Lockdown we’ve been living very happily with the extra space it afforded us. I say very happily, but every time I’ve needed to get anything out of the cupboard I’ve now first had to contend with maneuvering the coat stand out of the way. There had to be a better way. After doing some research I order up some parts to make an “industrial pipe” coat rack. At least that’s how they are marketed on Etsy. In reality it’s a bit of threaded gas pipe with a threaded flange to attach it to the wall. Rather the buying one of the Etsy versions though, I got mine from a pipe shop, which meant it turned up without any ribbons, handwritten thank you notes, or any bolts to attach it to the wall instead it came with a fine layer of plumbing grease covering it.

After popping out to get some appropriately oversized bolts to fit the flange we’ve now got a very nice permanent coat rack mounted under the stairs. It fits in so well with the exposed gas pipe and gas meter aesthetic there was some mild concern we’d need to let the next owners of the flat know it’s not connected to the pipework.

This week I made my very first unassisted sourdough loaf. I had made a loaf last week, but that was with some very hands on tuition. I’ll save you a photo of the loaf instead you can just imagine an object that closer resembles a Frisbee to a half a football. My understanding is that means my shaping technique needs improving.

We’ve had a starter since the beginning of the year and since then I’ve been mostly just been the beneficiary of the baking process (though also helping out with flour acquisition when needed). I’m not sure if I was spurred on reading about Nat’s coached loaf, or something else, but I’m glad I’ve now got a deeper understanding as to what everyone has been nattering about for the last 7 months.

One of the techniques used to demonstrate the difference privilege has played on peoples lives is called a Privilege Walk. It’s pretty straightforward in that you get a group of people standing side by side and the instructor reads out a list of statements (being raised by two parents, ever having to worry about money as a child, being comfortable holding your partners hand in public, etc). For every statement that you identify with you take a step forward. It’s a very visual way for privileged people to see just how privileged they are. There is a really good article about why they are bad, and why you shouldn’t facilitate them.

This week I really enjoyed this mix from Ameeva. Some lovely ambient and drone tracks with dialogue recordings mixed in. I particularly liked the Black Lives Matter chanting mixed in, I’ve been thinking it would make a good ambient overlay, so I’m glad someone is doing it.