Week 40: Sunrise

12th October 2020

This week builders started work renovating our bathroom. The works were supposed to start at the end of March, but an ill-timed global pandemic threw that schedule out of the window. The work had been overdue for a long time, we already knew this, but the smell of damp wood that filled the flat as the demolition started really reinforced that.

I initially found it slightly odd when the builder described what they were going to do as demolition, I would have descried it more as just removal, but looking at the results I’ll give it to them, they demolished the old bathroom. I’m already looking forward to my first bath in the new shiny bathroom when they are finished.

Twice this week I’ve been treated to a glorious sunrise while out on my bicycle. Sunsets usually get most of the attention, but I far prefer a good sunrise. The world always seem more tranquil during a sunrise, probably because most people are still in bed.

Though the fact I’m seeing sunrise without much planning implies that the days are quickly going to be dark outside of traditional ‘working’ hours. With the move to flexible pandemic working I’ve heard a couple of people talking about shifting their work day around a bit and use their old ‘commute time’ to afford themselves a two hour lunch break, enough time to get outside and enjoy more daylight than a 9-5 usually enables. While still ‘leaving’ and ‘getting home’ at the same time as the before. I like this as a time hack.