Week 41: Nap time

19th October 2020

This week started with a delivery of a bath tub. The problem with that delivery was that bath tub was 10cm longer than the one that we had ordered. 10cm was significant because that’s 5cm longer than the space that we have for the new bath tub. It turns out the website we’d ordered it from had the wrong product code against the bath we actually wanted so when we phoned to say the wrong tub had arrived everyone was very confused. Thankfully by the end of the week the delivery person was back, this time with the correct size bath.

I made another solo sourdough this week. It was a bit of a rush due to not really having enough time to make it, so I skipped a couple of steps that seemed unnecessary (mostly the bits where you seemingly wait for nothing). The end result is definitely better than my last loaf so I guess those weren’t important steps anyway. That better loaf could also just be because I was using a significantly smaller pot so it could only rise up rather than out (masking my poor shaping technique) but nobody needs to know that.

With the release of watchOS 7 I’m now able to use my Apple Watch as a sleep tracker. I’ve not used a sleep tracker in a number of years but thought it would be interesting to see how Apple has approached it. So far the number of false positives of tracking me sleeping when I’m definitely awake makes it mostly useless for any serious tracking.

It believes any time I spend more than 15 minutes sitting still on a sofa is either me in bed or asleep. I’m currently hoping that there is some AI magic in here which will work out over time the difference between me actually sleeping and watching TV. But at the moment the 2 hours of TV we watched on Sunday is coming up as a nice long nap before bed.

One of the side effects of the sleep tracking is I’m now also able to see my heart rate while I sleep. I’d not thought about that as a feature until on the second or third night of me wearing it my watched tapped my wrist while I was sleeping to let me know I’d triggered my low heart rate alert. Given I’m certainly still alive I’ve had to disable that alert, let’s hope it wasn’t important.