Week 42: Going out while staying in

26th October 2020

This week I learnt how to use Sketchup to model a room. One of the things we’re having done with our bathroom work is having the door moved along the wall. We’d spent ages talking about the impact it would have on the bathroom, but when seeing the new position of the door from the bedroom side I was concerned. Before asking for modifications to the original plan though I set about trying to create a scale model.

I consider myself somewhat computer literate, Sketchup though made me feel like I had no idea how computers worked again. I spent ages trying to work out how to draw a square to the same size as the bedroom. A seemingly impossible challenge. Once I got beyond the initial learning curve of drawing a to scale cube though, the rest was actually surprisingly straightforward. I was able to create two models, one of the room with the door how it had just been positioned, and one with the door in a different position. Ideally I should have done this before the work started, but better late than never.

The Sketchup pricing model is really designed for businesses, which means I couldn’t get the full VR experience with the new 3D room I’d built. It feels like it they’d tried properly they could have created a compelling personal licence but I guess there just isn’t the money in hobbyists like me trying to model our bedrooms.

The other thing that happened this week is that I got a new (to me) bicycle. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a new commute bike for a while. My current one is now 12 years old, and according to my records has done around 33,000 miles. So a little bit accidentally I placed a low ball bid on a bike on eBay. Surprisingly no one else bid higher and I’ve ended up with a nice black fixie.

It’s my first ever time riding fixed and it’s taken a little bit of getting used to, but is quite a lot of fun. Learning to never stop peddling hasn’t been too challenging as I’ve always peddled most of the time anyway. The times I now realise I stopped pedalling for though is going over bumps, for those I apparently brace for the impact. The first time I did that the bike tried to rip my leg out of my hip to remind me to continue peddling. Never stop pedalling. I’m particularly looking forward to never needing to index a front derailleur again, it could just be my poor workmanship but they always need indexing again very quickly and are the cause of hours of frustration.

This weekend we had a [Hawksmoor][2] at home meal. It’s like those meal boxes supermarkets sell where you’ve just got to heat everything through. Though slightly more complicated as one of the items that needs heating through is a steak, which needs cooking just right. The food was, as you’d expect from Hawksmoor, delicious. They also provided quite a lot of alcohol so by the end of the night we were both full and a little bit drunk. I’d definitely recommend (assuming your not vegetarian), it was a great way to make staying in feel more like going out.