Week 44: Our office

9th November 2020

This week we got the keys to our very own office!

During the enforced working from home period we’ve become increasingly aware that our small one bed flat was slowly turning into an office. We don’t have a separate room in which to close off work, instead the areas we usually use to relax are slowly became synonymous for the places we do work.

It’s reminded me a lot of when I moved from programming being my hobby, to programming being my career. It’s still something I derive large amounts of enjoyment from, but the setting changed, even on days I don’t feel like it, I’ve got to continue doing it. It’s very easy to start resenting something you used to enjoy, and loose it as an escape.

Unwittingly this has happened to our flat. While sitting watching TV I can still see my work desk, while cooking or sitting at the dining table I can still see work chairs, monitors, computers, and other paraphernalia. There is no escape.

For the same reasons as I’ve pretty much stopped writing any code in my spare time, I’ve been longing to go back to an office so I can stop living in my office. The physical separation allows an emotional disconnection.

A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d fire an email to the office complex near our flat asking if they had any co-working spaces or any small units free. They didn’t have any co-working spaces, but they did have one small unit that was currently vacant. So after going and visiting it, we decided to rent it. This weekend we spent lots of time giving it a lick of paint and assembling some desks, making it feel like our space.

So we now have our own office with a door we can close (important while there is a global pandemic ongoing), a window I can stare out of, and a fast internet connection for the video chat meetings. We can move work out of the flat and reclaim our living spaces as relaxing spaces. Now we’ve got it, I honestly don’t know why we didn’t do this months ago.