Week 48: Dust

7th December 2020

This week we’ve spent most of the week dusting and cleaning the flat and trying to find new homes for everything. We used the excuse to have a sort through of things we don’t need, want or fit. We managed to fill two black sacks of clothes that we don’t wear anymore, so that was a success.

This weekend I went to Ikea to get some new bedside cabinets as the old ones no longer fit where we’ve spun the bed around. Queuing at the Ikea tills has always been a bit of a scrum, so it was nice to see that they have installed a Post Office style ‘Cashier number 8 please’ system. Hopefully they keep that in the after.

I picked up some new glasses this week. My astigmatism has got worse so wearing the new glasses was initially like walking around in a house of mirrors where everything in my periphery was slightly wonky. Thankfully my brain has rewired itself so it all looks normal again now, just slightly sharper. Brains are magic.

Did I mention building dust gets EVERYWHERE?