Week 49: Hot tubs

14th December 2020

For the first time in a number of months I was able to sit on the sofa without any impending renovation, DIY or other interior design related decisions to make. Between the bathroom, bedroom and office it’s been mostly all consuming of my brain for months. I was almost at a loss though, what do people think about when not planning their next trip to B&Q, Screwfix or Ikea?

While walking around Sainsbury’s I was reminded of how little I’m subjected to Christmas music this year. Not going into the office, pubs, restaurants and shops means I’m just not having any chance for it to be played at me. Is Christmas even happening? I’m guessing we all agreed to skip it this year.

On the subject of music, I launched Spotify this week and it presented me with my year in review. Unfortunately for Spotify all it did was tell me how little I’ve used the service this year. So I’m going to go ahead and cancel that subscription. Don’t think that was their desired outcome.

This weekend we escaped to the countryside and stayed in a small ‘pod’ with a wood burning hot tub. It was nice to have the only real concern be if the fire was still burning to keep the water warm. I’m now well and truly soaked, though I do have a small bruise on the back of my head where I was resting it on the side of the tub while watching stars.

This week we also watched Season 1 of Succession. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to hate all the characters as they are all vile humans, but I’m looking forward to Season 2.