Week 50: Not working

21st December 2020

This week we had the chimney swept so we can light the wood burner. I’d not had it done in a couple of years and there is a small risk of the soot that collects on the inside of the chimney catching on fire. I’d prefer not to have a fire on the inside of the chimney.

I enjoy watching them clean it as they poke a brush all the way up the chimney, then attach a drill to the end and spin it all the way back down. Having watched it a number of times I could probably buy the parts and do it myself, but I feel much safer in the knowledge that someone else is going to ensure that soot doesn’t cover the living room while it happens.

This week was my last week working this year. While I’ve had a really enjoyable year, I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks not having to think about work. I did miss being in the office for December though, it’s always one of my favourite times to be in an office.

On my second day of not thinking about work I saw this HTML Elements Memory Game that Alex shared on twitter. I managed to get 73 tags before I realised I’d just spent 15 minutes thinking about work. Doh!

It’s a fun game though, kicking myself at some of the tags I forgot. Let me know how you get on.

Boris also canceled Christmas this week. I’m sad for the people who’ve been following the rules all this time that now won’t get to see loved ones. I’m pretty fortunate that it won’t really impact my plans as we were mostly planning on bunkering down for the period anyway.