Week 51: Christmas?

28th December 2020

Merry Christmas!

Twice this week I spent the day out on my bicycle hand delivering Christmas cards. Before we were placed in Tier 4 we had planned to spend more days out delivering Christmas cheer to friends around the capital. With the global pandemic ramping up though we decided to curtail the adventure.

As we were celebrating Christmas day by ourselves we decided to have a mostly vegan Christmas dinner (apart from the plate of pigs in blankets… and the double cream on the Christmas pudding). We made a nut roast, roasted a large quantity of vegetables, candid some yams (which are actually just sweet potatoes if you’re American). It was nice to try something different.

One of our friends also gifted us a couple of minimum viable crackers, just the cracker snap. In many ways I much preferred them to normal crackers, no plastic toys, no excess cardboard waste, and a much louder bang given it didn’t have a cardboard suppressor.

We’ve also watched quite a bit of TV this week. Some of the highlights were: