Week 55: Humps

25th January 2021

Highlight of this week was getting a lunchtime cycle with Alex. I’d proved to myself last year that I was able to get out and back at my desk in a two hour window. So by shifting my day 30 minutes at each end I’m able to do a normal day but also get a bike ride in the middle. Winning.

I’ve started playing The Last of Us as a way to absorb lockdown time. I’m really not a gamer and haven’t played much beyond Wii Golf in the past 15 years. As was always the case though, I’m particularly enjoying using the sniper rifle to pick the baddies off from a distance… slowly… methodically… callously. It’s much more gentle than the frantic button mashing of hand to hand combat. I’m yet to work out how to tell if the scene I’m in is a fighting scene or an exploring scene, so I’m often walking around empty houses very gingerly checking round every corner.

We’ve been watching more Snowfall on iPlayer this week and are most the way through the second season now. It took me quite a while to get into the show as to start with I thought all the characters were dumb and should all just die. I’m getting quite into it now, but still think more of them should be dead already.

The council put a note through the our front door explaining that they were going to add some “vertical traffic calming interventions” to the end of the road. It’s taken me longer than I’d like to admit to realise they were saying they are putting in humps.