Week 56: Diggers

1st February 2021

For January I’ve been doing a Veganuary inspired month. I’ve not been a strict vegan, there was definitely some illegal milk chocolate and other illicit items I neglected to check the ingredients of. But I didn’t eat any meat, or cook with any eggs or dairy.

It’s been a nice little adventure of finding new recipes and ingredients. My favourite from the month has to be this vegan haggis. We had it on Burns Night and the flavours have been swimming around my mouth ever since. I think I’ll have to cook another one in a couple of weeks.

This week YouTube recommended me this digger video which has Chris using his big digger to rescue a smaller digger that’s buried itself while digging a pond bed. I was captivated watching him move dirt around, one digger scoop at a time. I’ve since watched a number of his other videos, including relaying a pipe someone laid backwards and fixing a pond someone cheaped out on. It’s the perfect slow TV, just a man doing his job filming bits and shoving it on YouTube. No fancy lighting or fast cuts, no “click the bell to get notified”, just a camera mounted in his cab watching him work. I’m here for it.