Week 57: Sunday watching

8th February 2021

This week I managed to complete The Last of Us. After a slow start I got quite into it towards the end. I particularly enjoyed causing the scenes to not make sense given how I walked into them. For example ensuring there were no enemies left then calmly walking through a door, but have the voice over exclaim how quickly we needed to block a door to stop them chasing us and how close it was.

We also finished Snowfall season 3 this week. Apart from the weird alternative universe in the final episode it was great. Hopefully when season 4 starts showing in America later this month it will also be available here.

On of the things we try and do is to watch some easy watching TV on a Sunday evening before bed. For weeks we were watching an episode of The Crown a week. It’s fun to break up the season like in the old days, and also a great way to let our brains know it’s work in the morning.

We ran out of The Crown a couple of weeks ago, but luckily Blow Away season 2 is now on Netflix. The episodes are only 30 minutes and they skip 90% of the usual talent show fluff which makes it really watchable and very low stress. No one dies blowing glass.