Week 58: 3D Printer

15th February 2021

After completing The Last of Us last week, this week I started The Last of Us 2. It’s really interesting to see the progress that 7 years has given the franchise. The advances in rendering and human motion is particularly impressive, but also the exploration seems more immersive than before. In version 2 the budget for the voice actors also seem massively increased, I don’t think the characters have stopped nattering since I started. Even when it’s just one character alone fighting they are giving themselves a pep talk encouraging them through the scene, it’s cute, you’ve got this Ellie!

Playing The Last of Us has been a great distraction from the other two main hobbies of lockdown:

  1. Watching TV, and
  2. Trying not to buy things I don’t need, and probably won’t use.

There was a point on Friday for example when I found out I could get a new 3D printer delivered next day for £125. I’ve never had anything custom 3D printed, but at that price it seemed like a hobby that I should take up! Thankfully I managed to resist and don’t have a 3D printer turning up, but it was very close.

In terms of TV this week I watched: