Week 60: The Last of Us: Part II

1st March 2021

This week I completed The Last of Us: Part II. I was playing it in place of watching TV for the past couple of weeks, as it’s got a very strong storyline it was perfect replacement for some TV for a bit.

Spoilers: this post is all about Last of us Part II, it may contain spoliers

So what did I make of the game? I was captivated. Back when I started the original Last of Us I got both bored quickly and thought Ellie was an annoying spoilt brat. I would even mimic her because she sounded so ridiculous. However, by the end of the first season I was totally captivated and totally team Ellie.

The second season totally abused that relationship and at numerous points had me throwing down the controller refusing to put her in danger. The final scenes of the game were completely heart wrenching.

In terms of game play I found the continuous friction between the weapons I was given and the impact of using any of them completely at odds. More often than not I’d start trying to do a scene using the guns I’d been given only to attract too much attention and either run out of ammo quickly or die pretty quickly once everyone came running towards the loud sounds.

I’d then retry the scene only using stealth kills and be able to pile bodies in door frames (they all come to investigate dead bodies so you can wipe loads out without moving) and complete the scenes without using any ammo. It also stopped the frantic fight scenes which left me button mashing (this was also totally game induced as you were supposed to mash the square button to get out of a hold and once you start mashing a button, well you just mash them all).

If I was to rate my least favourite to favourite enemies to stumble on walking around a dark corner it’d probably be:

  1. Stalkers - they were impossible to see to shoot at from a distance and just didn’t die in hand to hand combat
  2. Dogs - shoot with a silenced pistol before they see you or accept you’re going to die again
  3. Seraphites - they were too well organised, I ended up running through most of those scenes
  4. Everyone else - really even bloaters weren’t that bad, a couple of shotgun rounds and they died, and at least they let you know where they were.

Overall a really enjoyable game, and would play again, I may have started just to see what having all my guns in the beginning of the game would be like. Ohh and the boat sex scene caught me completely off guard! I wasn’t expecting that after we cut away in the Library basement and came back afterwards.