Week 61: The wrong week

8th March 2021

It turns out updating the week number for the title for these weeknotes is of approximately O(log n) complexity. They mostly all settle a week after publishing as I go to create the next post and realise I’ve buggered it up again. You probably never notice, that’s ok, my brain doesn’t either.

Little to say about Week 61. We watched WandaVision on Disney Plus. It’s a miniseries with ties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though the only way I knew that was because the opening credits said Marvel. Turns out Vision was totally forgettable from his scenes in the movies.

I enjoyed it as a mini-series, though some of the jokes went straight over my head as I wasn’t a big watcher of many of the sitcoms it parodied. It also did a really good job of explaining the Ship of Theseus thought experiment (though I still prefer the Sugarbabes analogy). I wasn’t quite expecting some light philosophy chat in the middle of an epic fight scene.

I’m quite looking forward to it finally being legal to go and sit in a park by yourself next week. It’s weird that it’s been illegal up until this point this year.