Week 64: Another planter

29th March 2021

This weekend I made another planter out of a couple of old pallets. Unlike last time where I did the whole thing without going to the shops this time I went straight to B&Q to pick up the right length screws and a pry bar to make my life easier.

B&Q on a Saturday morning was unsurprisingly busy, and seemed to be almost completely sold out of screws. Normally they have hundreds of boxes of different sized screws. This time I had to buy some expensive “Turbodrive” screws because they were the last ones left in the size I wanted. Had I wanted anything either size though, I would have been completely out of luck.

Building this planter I was quickly aware of how many muscles in my body don’t get used in my daily walk to my desk, cooking or sitting on the sofa. One day, when I’ve got room to store it, I’ll get a work bench to let me to DIY projects standing upright so I won’t have to bend over to the floor the whole time. I think if I decide to make another I might also invest in a power saw of some kind so I don’t have to do it all with my hand saw.

This week we watched Biggie: I got a story to tell followed by Unsolved. So I now know a lot more about The Notorious BIG and Tupac, and their murders, than I did before. It was fun watching them in that order and then having the chance to dissect the casting choices of the actors having seen footage of the actual people days earlier.

I’m not sure much else happened this week. We’ve mostly run out of TV we know we want to watch so hopefully summer will hurry up and we can just spend time outside instead.