Week 66: Easter

12th April 2021

Didn’t write anything last week, so expect a bumper crop of events to read about this week. Well that would be true if there wasn’t a lockdown which precludes me from leaving the house that much.

Despite this I’ve been out pottering on my bike a fair amount. The weather has allowed that to happen on everything from shorts and t-shirt right through to multiple layers with a woolly hat.

I took a couple of extra days off over the Easter break so was able to have an extended period without thinking about work. Having been working fairly solidly since New Year it was nice to stop for a moment.

Easter was quite fun, with the rules of being allowed to socialise outside we were able to catch up with friends outside and have some good belly laughs. This also included a trip out into the countryside for a day. Being surrounded by nothing but trees and grass was a highlight, need to get more of that time in my future. I’m getting super hopeful about being able to hang around in the grass with friends again this summer, bring it on.

On Friday evening we went to B&Q to pick up some bits for the garden. Included in that were some trellis panels for climbers to grow up. We exited the store 2 minutes before closing and got back to the car only to realise that the panels we’d selected were 10cm wider than the car boot and wouldn’t fit. I very quickly hot footed it back into the store and grabbed a length of rope, some foam pipe insulation and a pair of scissors. This was enough for me to cut some lengths of rope, fashion a roof rack from the foam and tie the trellis to the car roof without anything getting damaged.